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What you need to know about Child Support law in Alberta

Child support lawyer in Edmonton family law firm office for child custody, divorce, legal separation, spousal support, domestic violence, separation laws, prenuptial agreement or common law legal services. When a married couple with children separate, the spouse who leaves the home is legally obliged to provide financial support to the spouse that continues to take care of the children.

The spouse making the Child Support payment must provide income information. The spouse receiving the payment may be asked to do the same under certain conditions.

The amount paid is determined by Federal Child Support Guidelines, the province where the parents reside, the income of each parent, and the number of children requiring support. There is little or no room for adjustment, but there are a few select circumstances where the amount awarded can be increased or decreased.

The individual providing child support may also be required to pay a fair share of other expenses, such as education, health, medical and childcare.

If the parent providing care for the children has no income, the other parent must pay all child expenses.

Coming to an agreement on child support without going to court is preferable for everyone and usually less costly. If you have questions about what does child support cover or require some legal advice on common issues related to child support law, guidelines, disputes and resolutions, contact Edmonton Family Law lawyer Jonathan Healey online or by phone at 780.439.7700

Quick facts about Child Support payments

Shared or split custody? - Learn more by reading the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

College or university – Even if a child is over 18 years old, child support can continue until the child reaches the age of 22, provided the child is in full time attendance at a Post Secondary Educational Institution.

Where to find more information - To learn more about Child Support Payments, visit the Federal Department of Justice

What takes precedence under Alberta Law -- Family Law or the terms of a Prenuptial Agreement?
The term of a Prenuptial Agreement is the whole purpose of a Pre-nuptial Agreement is to make certain elements of Family Law not applicable.

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