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The three things every victim of domestic violence must know

Edmonton lawyer in top Alberta law firm for domestic violence defence against charges of domestic abuse or to sue for domestic violence, including assault of threatening bodily harm. If you are a victim of domestic violence, call the police and report the incident. Don’t wait. Don’t ask friends or family for advice. Call the police. That’s step one.

The next step is to move to a place where you feel safe. Don’t assume things might change for the better. Move to a new location.

Now you are ready for step three – seek legal help by contacting the law offices of Healey Law to request a free, no-obligation introductory consultation with a divorce and separation lawyer.

Quick facts about domestic violence

Definition of Domestic Violence - You are a victim of Domestic Violence if you are abused by another person. The abuse can be sexual, physical, psychological or economic.

Actions and threats - It does not matter whether your abuser takes an action or threatens to take an action that is meant to terrorize, intimidate, frighten, hurt, manipulate, humiliate, injure or wound.

The statistics – About one in four women suffer domestic violence at some time in their lives.

The signs of Domestic Violence - Victims of Domestic Violence often have physical injuries, lack self esteem, appear worried and fearful, pull away from friends and family, or deny there are any problems.

What takes precedence under Alberta Law -- Family Law or the terms of a Prenuptial Agreement?
The term of a Prenuptial Agreement is the whole purpose of a Pre-nuptial Agreement is to make certain elements of Family Law not applicable.

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