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Getting Started

Need a trusted lawyer in the Edmonton lawyer directory?

Hiring the Healey Law firm is as easy as 1-2-3

Don't make any decisions about who to hire from among the top law firms listed in the Edmonton lawyer directory until you have requested your free, no-obligation introduction consultation by Edmonton lawyer Jonathan Healey. That's Step One.

Step Two is to meet with us. We will listen to your legal case, answer your questions about our legal services and explain the law that applies in your case. This normally happens in our Edmonton law firm office, but in special circumstances different arrangements can be made.

The final step is to engage our legal services. If you are hiring a lawyer for the first time, you could have these questions:

  • How much to hire or retain a lawyer?
  • What are the benefits of hiring a lawyer under contingency?
  • Why is it in my best interest to have a lawyer handle my divorce or separation?
  • When should I hire a real estate lawyer?
  • What legal services are offered by a lawyer who handles wills, estates and trusts?

Healey Law offers the following legal fee options:

  • Monthly retainer (Family Law)
  • Flat legal fees (Real Estate Law)

We never claim to offer the "lowest or cheapest rates for legal services", but you will find our legal fees are highly competitive and offer good value for the money.

Why settle for less? Contact our Edmonton law office today online or by phone to request your free, no-obligation introductory consultation today. We look forward to showing you why Healey Law should be ranked among the best law firms in Edmonton.

Quick facts about hiring an Edmonton lawyer

Hire an expert – Don't go to a Commercial Law Lawyer if you have a Family Law legal case. There are specialists in every field of law. Choose the one that matches your case and has a proven track record.

Meet the lawyer in person – Don't make the mistake of relying on telephone calls or emails. Meet and interview the lawyer before making any decisions on who should handle your case.

Gender doesn't matter – The best lawyer for your case could be a man or a woman. Don't assume that there is any advantage in choosing one or the other gender.

Ask about the timeline – A busy lawyer may take your case, but be unable to give it much time because he or she has other commitments. That means your case will take longer to resolve. At best, that will be frustrating. At worse, it could mean missed opportunities and added costs.

Confirm who is handling your legal case – While the Principal of a law firm may meet with you at the start, a junior lawyer could be handed your case. Always establish who will handle your case before you sign a legal agreement.

Does Jonathan Healey offer free, introductory consultations for individuals searching through the Edmonton lawyer directory for legal advice from a top law firm in Edmonton?
Yes, contact our Edmonton law office by phone or email to request your introductory consultation.

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