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Why Healey Law?

"I always enjoy interacting and working with people who need legal help. That's why I became a lawyer." – Jonathan Healey

Edmonton lawyer Jonathan Healey handles family law, common law in Alberta, divorce and separation, civil litigation, legal advice on will preparation and real estate law. For Jonathan Healey, practicing law in a top Edmonton law firm office is all about interacting with people. "That's what I enjoy and that's why I am particularly attracted to Family Law" explains Mr. Healey. "There are so many legal issues, personal and financial, and it takes real skill and dedication to work out a favorable result."

He has practiced law for 29 years and handled hundreds of cases, but he has no trouble identifying his most satisfying case. It involved a man who received a claim for child support from a woman who had two children, including one that he did not even know about. "The woman was claiming all kinds of child support, but we were able to achieve a judgment that was very satisfying for our client," recalls Mr. Healey. It's not a story you will see in a Hollywood movie, but at the time there was nothing more important for Mr. Healey's client.

Another memorable family law case involved a woman who had been divorced for five years and had ownership of a home when she became involved in a common law relationship with a man. "That man did some work around the home and on that basis made a claim for a significant share of the home, but we were able to show that the claim was not justified and we limited the claim," says Mr. Healey.

Some legal cases, he admits, are more difficult than others, mainly because the client comes to him with pre-determined ideas and unrealistic expectations. "Your chances of getting a favorable result are much better if you are realistic from the start, keep an open mind and listen to your lawyer," he says.

Does he have one last recommendation for anyone looking for a lawyer in Edmonton?

"Look through the Edmonton lawyer directory for someone who has experience in your areas of need and who appears to be a good fit with your legal needs," he says. "Not all lawyers are the same. You need to ask questions to see how they respond. Do they appear interested? Do they understand your case? Listen carefully to the answers and trust your instincts."

Professional qualifications of top Edmonton lawyer Jonathan Healey

  • Admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1990
  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons) University of Liverpool, 1988
  • Bachelor of Arts (Special) University of Alberta, 1985
  • Founder of Healey Law Firm.
  • Practiced in the area of Family Law, Wills and Real Estate for 29 years in Edmonton.
  • Represented individuals in both the Court of Queen's Bench and the Provincial Courts of Alberta and also in the Alberta Court of Appeal with regard to their legal matters.
  • Participated in mediated resolutions of family law and personal injury issues before the Court of Queen's Bench.
  • Member of the Edmonton Bar Association.
  • Actively involved in the sports community in Edmonton having played both soccer and cricket for a number of years.
  • Sat as panel member with regards to disciplinary issues for the Edmonton and District Soccer Association.

What takes precedence under Alberta Law -- Family Law or the terms of a Prenuptial Agreement?
The term of a Prenuptial Agreement is the whole purpose of a Pre-nuptial Agreement is to make certain elements of Family Law not applicable.

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