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When achieving a divorce through mediation is the best alternative

Mediation is an excellent alternative for individuals who have some areas of disagreement, but want to complete the divorce without going to court. It is usually not a good alternative in legal cases involving domestic violence, infidelity, or other situations where it is clear the two parties involved have strongly held opposing views.

At Healey Law, the mediation process involves both parties and their representatives, all of whom strive to reach a mutually acceptable separation agreement on all issues.

"We are strong advocates for our clients, but we understand that success depends on some give and take by both parties involved in the mediation," says Jonathan Healey, Principal of Healey Law. "That's how you achieve a result that is acceptable to everyone involved."

Most often it takes one or two meetings to complete the process. Our mediation services include the preparation of a draft separation agreement for review and approval of all the parties involved in the case.

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Quick facts about mediation

Why mediation? – Choosing mediation usually means you can achieve a fair agreement without the emotional upset that usually occurs during a trial.

Topics addressed – The mediation can address a wide range of Family Law issues, including child custody, support and access, communication between the parents, health and schooling.

Rate of success – The success rate of mediations is typically very high. It can be used for matrimonial property division, common law property division and spousal support.

The result – If the mediation is successful, an agreement or contract will be prepared for review and approval of the parties involved. Once it is approved, the terms are binding on both parties.

Advantages – Successful completion of the mediation process usually means the parties can establish a non-combative relationship that is in the best interest of everyone (especially children) involved.

What happens if mediation fails – Even if the mediation is not successful, there is some advantage because a case that has gone through mediation typically settles in court faster than a case that did not go through mediation.

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