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Why Healey Law?

Ten questions for Edmonton lawyer Michael Ross

1. When did you become a lawyer?

I was called to the Alberta bar in 2017.

photo of Edmonton lawyer Michael Ross 2. What is your education?

I have a B.Comm. with a Finance major and a Business Economics and Law minor from the University of Alberta, and a JD from the University of Calgary.

3. Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

It started while taking business law courses at the University of Alberta. I was required to take them as part of my business degree and I found them to be very interesting. It was so interesting that I made it my minor. After university, I worked in the financial services and insurance industries before deciding to return to law school and pursue becoming a lawyer.

4. What qualities do you bring to the job that make you well suited to be a lawyer?

I enjoy the negotiating process and have the ability to stay level headed when there is conflict. You need both to provide the best advice and advocacy possible.

5. What areas of law will you handle primarily?

I practice primarily in family law, real estate and wills and estates, but I am open to expanding my areas of practice in the future.

6. What does the average person not understand about the role of a lawyer?

They think hiring a lawyer means going to court. But many legal matters can be resolved without going to court. That is often in the client's best interest because going to court is not only expensive, but also prone to more uncertainty because your ability to make decisions is restricted. However, in some circumstances, court is necessary to get the best resolution for my client.

7. What things can a client do to work most efficiently with a lawyer?

Provide full information disclosure right from the start. Don't assume any information is unimportant. Tell me everything and leave it to me to decide what is important and helpful in terms of advancing your position. You can speak freely because I have a duty of confidentiality to my client.

8. What can a client expect when they meet you for the first time?

A truthful opinion of their situation. I do not sugar coat anything. I want them to know what we can do, what we should do and the possible outcomes. You need all of that to make the best decision.

9. Are you ever concerned about upsetting your client by bringing up something they may not want to hear?

You never want to upset a client. But at the same time you can't ignore an issue because it creates some discomfort. That's not in the best interest of the client, even though they may not appreciate that at the time.

10. What are your personal interests?

I love to travel and experience different foods and cultures. You learn so much about not just the places, but also the people who live there and that knowledge helps me in my professional life. I also enjoy golf, snowboarding, hockey, squash, cooking and going to the gym.

"Our clients will be well served by Michael," says Jonathan Healey, the principal of Healey Law. "He is a great listener and a skilled negotiator."

Quick facts about hiring an Edmonton lawyer

Hire an expert – Don't go to a Commercial Law Lawyer if you have a Family Law legal case. There are specialists in every field of law. Choose the one that matches your case and has a proven track record.

Meet the lawyer in person – Don't make the mistake of relying on telephone calls or emails. Meet and interview the lawyer before making any decisions on who should handle your case.

Gender doesn't matter – The best lawyer for your case could be a man or a woman. Don't assume that there is any advantage in choosing one or the other gender, which also means it makes no sense to search the internet for gender based legal services -- "best family lawyer for fathers" or best family lawyer for mothers".

Ask about the timeline – A busy lawyer may take your case, but be unable to give it much time because he or she has other commitments. That means your case will take longer to resolve. At best, that will be frustrating. At worse, it could mean missed opportunities and added costs.

Confirm who is handling your legal case – While the Principal of a law firm may meet with you at the start, a junior lawyer could be handed your case. Always establish who will handle your case before you sign a legal agreement.

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