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Why Healey Law?

Ten questions for Edmonton lawyer Moe Househ

1. How did you get started in the legal profession?

I received my bachelor of laws in 2016 and was called to the bar in 2017.

Moe Househ is an Edmonton lawyer working on new legal challenges. 2. Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

What you learn very quickly is that the law is a problem solving tool. The challenge comes in determining how to use that tool to solve a client's legal problem. I enjoy that process and get great satisfaction in being a problem solver for my client.

3. What qualities do you bring to the job that make you well suited to be a lawyer?

People tell me that I am a good communicator. I can make even the most complicated legal matter understandable for my client, which is absolutely vital to achieve success. Details matter and they need to be communicated to the client in a timely fashion.

4. What areas of law will you handle primarily?

The areas of the law that touch everyone's life at one point of another -- Family Law, Real Estate and Wills and Estates.

5. What things can a client do to work most efficiently with a lawyer?

Understand that the lawyer and client work together as a team. That's the most efficient approach and it helps ensure that the legal matter is resolved at least cost. If you look at cases that have an unnecessarily extended time frame, at least part of that delay is the result of poor coordination between the lawyer and the client.

6. What things should a client avoid?

Taking legal advice from friends or relatives who have had some experience with the legal system. They are often well meaning, but they actually make things more difficult. You can only have one advocate.

7. What can a client expect when they meet you for the first time?

At the start, they are the ones who do most of the talking. My job is to listen and then lay out the different options available for the client. There is never just one approach, which is often what you see on the TV or in the movies. There are always multiple options and how they are viewed will vary from client to client. Client A may see great value in option while Client B sees no value in that approach.

8. What can a client expect if you represent them in Court?

First, my priority is to achieve an acceptable legal outcome without going to court. That's always best as most people find going to court very stressful. On occasions when court is unavoidable, my client can expect me to be a passionate and determined advocate of their position, as I have successfully represented clients in both the Provincial Court of Albert and the Court of Queen’s Bench.

9. What are your personal interests?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am a huge sports fan. I enjoy playing and watching Hockey, Basketball, Football and Soccer. Politics and current events are a huge interest of mine as well.

10. Are you married?

I will be married in 2018.

I very much appreciate what Moe brings to our firm," says Jonathan Healey, the Principal of Healey Law. "He is a great problem solver and is passionate about helping people.

Quick facts about hiring an Edmonton lawyer

Hire an expert – Don't go to a Commercial Law Lawyer if you have a Family Law legal case. There are specialists in every field of law. Choose the one that matches your case and has a proven track record.

Meet the lawyer in person – Don't make the mistake of relying on telephone calls or emails. Meet and interview the lawyer before making any decisions on who should handle your case.

Gender doesn't matter – The best lawyer for your case could be a man or a woman. Don't assume that there is any advantage in choosing one or the other gender, which also means it makes no sense to search the internet for gender based legal services -- "best family lawyer for fathers" or best family lawyer for mothers".

Ask about the timeline – A busy lawyer may take your case, but be unable to give it much time because he or she has other commitments. That means your case will take longer to resolve. At best, that will be frustrating. At worse, it could mean missed opportunities and added costs.

Confirm who is handling your legal case – While the Principal of a law firm may meet with you at the start, a junior lawyer could be handed your case. Always establish who will handle your case before you sign a legal agreement.

Does living apart from your former partner for several years mean you have grounds to become divorced?
No. There are only three ways to file for divorce: adultery; mental or physical cruelty; living “separate and apart” for more than one year. Note that you don’t need to be living in separate residence to be considered living separate and apart.

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