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Real Estate

Yes, we offer highly competitive flat rate fees for real estate lawyer legal services to buy or sell a home, house, condo or property

Buying real estate

  • Legal Fee $495.00
  • If mortgage added $450.00
  • For subsequent mortgages add $250.00

* Plus GST and disbursements

Selling real estate

  • Legal Fee $495.00
  • For condominiums add $100.00
  • If seller does not have a current Real Property Report / Compliance add $100.00

* Plus GST and disbursements

Mortgage Refinancing

  • Legal Fee (includes payout of existing mortgage on title $495.00
  • Any further payouts add $25.00 for each payout

* Plus GST and disbursements

When additional solicitor fees apply

  • Within three (3) weeks or less of the closing date add $100.00
  • Within two (2) weeks or less of the closing date add $200.00
  • Within one (1) week of the closing date add $250.00

Title Insurance

  • If Title Insurance is required by the lender to facilitate closing the transaction on time an additional fee applies ($150.00 - $300.00).
  • On request we can obtain title insurance on the client’s behalf.

Quick facts about Real Estate Law and Home Sales

Sellers pay the real estate agents – Real estate commissions are paid by the sellers.

The importance of Clear Title - One of the most important functions completed by your Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer is a Title Search, completed to ensure you are getting a title clear of encumbrances or other issues.

No Land Transfer Tax - Alberta is one of the few provinces in Canada (the other is Sask.) that does not have a Land Transfer Tax.

Title insurance explained – In Alberta, Title Insurance is an insurance policy, typically sold for $200-$250 to the Purchaser and the mortgage lender. The policy provides protection against any losses related to the title, such as a lean on the property or a survey fault.

Real Property Report updates – You need to update your Real Property Report if it does not include all of the existing improvements to your property.

What happens if I have not consulted with a wills and estates lawyer and don't have a Will?
Key decisions regarding your estate are not made by you.

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