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Want to limit the pain and cost resulting from a separation or divorce? Hire an experienced family law divorce lawyer

Divorcing couple who will need the help of the best divorce lawyer in Edmonton for their case, which could include offering legal advice on child support, child custody, spousal support, common law, domestic violence and uncontested divorce. For understandable reasons, emotions run high in a legal separation, uncontested divorce or divorce. There is a huge sense of loss and hurt. This causes some individuals to strike out in anger, leading to hotly contested legal disputes, a protracted legal case and higher than necessary legal fees to file for divorce.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Divorce and separation lawyer Jonathan Healey and the legal team in his Edmonton law office are dedicated to helping you work through a legal separation or divorce with the least amount of dispute and cost. It just takes a little patience, some common sense and a willingness by all parties to engage in some give and take.

In even the most difficult divorce and separation cases, a little cooperation can go a long way. But it takes two to cooperate, and if the other side won't cooperate, you can count on us to vigorously protect and advance your personal interests in court. Mr. Healey has experience representing both sides and as such is a good choice for anyone who is doing one of the following searches: divorce lawyer for men, divorce lawyer for father, divorce lawyer for women, divorce lawyer for mothers.

Quick Tips about how to file for divorce, arrange an uncontested divorce or complete a legal separation

Fighting is destructive. Recognize that a court case is the last resort and a better result can often be achieved without going to court. Only a small fraction of divorce cases actually go to trial.

Less conflict usually means less cost. It is impossible to provide a specific fee estimate for the legal services provided by a divorce lawyer because every case is different. However, one thing is certain: achieving resolution as soon as possible is in the best interest of both parties seeking a divorce. Extending a divorce case, usually because there is a conflict between the two parties, means extra cost that could have been avoided if the parties were more cooperative.

Experience matters. In divorce cases, certain patterns come up again and again. For example, it is not uncommon for a high net-worth spouse to try to hide financial assets. That deception could be successful if you try to represent yourself or hire an inferior divorce lawyer.

Don't wait. Ask for your free introductory consultation by Edmonton Divorce and Separation lawyer Jonathan Healey as soon as possible. That way you are less likely to miss opportunities to advance your interests. You are also less likely to make mistakes that may prove costly.

Can Healey Law help me if I am buying or selling an existing home, a new home or a condo?
Yes, we can handle everything that needs to be done legally to facilitate real estate transactions in the greater Edmonton area and beyond.

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