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Wills & Estates

Give estate administration and planning the attention it needs by retaining a top Edmonton estate lawyer for wills, estates and trusts

The process of transferring wealth, completed with the legal help of Edmonton wills and estates lawyer Jonathan Healey, available for anyone who needs to find an attorney for wills help, legal advice on writing a will and legal help on trusts, wills and estates planning. If you are not sure about the importance of having a properly written – and regularly updated Will – consider what happens if you do not have the help and guidance of an Edmonton lawyer for wills and estates who understands estate law in Alberta:

  • key decisions regarding your estate are not made by you
  • your estate will be dealt with in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act

You probably care about what happens to your estate following your death. You also likely have very specific ideas about who should receive the proceeds of your estate. That, in essence, is what writing a Will is all about. It is a legal document that provides instructions on who gets what. You also get to select who will be responsible for ensuring your Will is executed properly, and, if any children are involved, you get to name their Guardian.

Here's another way to look at wills, estates and trusts planning. Having a Will drafted with a leader among Edmonton estate lawyers makes things much easier for your relatives and loved ones because there is no doubt about your intentions. This, in turn, means there is none of the stress, grief and cost that is almost inevitable when there is no Will.

It's important to have the document drafted by a Wills & Estates lawyer because it takes a lot of knowledge about estate law in Alberta, especially if the estate includes high value assets.

Test your understanding of estate planning and administration in Alberta by taking the Quiz on the right side of this page.

Speak with top Wills & Estates lawyer Jonathan Healey before you draft a new Will or update an existing Will

Not sure how to find an Edmonton estate lawyer who offers reasonable legal fees? Request a free, no obligation introductory consultation with Jonathan Healey, a trusted provider of estate administration and planning legal advice. He has many years of experience drafting Wills and Powers of Attorney for a wide variety of individuals, including people with high net worth and complicated estates. He can also help if you need to have your Will reviewed and updated, something that should happen about every five years or whenever your personal situation changes dramatically.

See how much you know about estate planning by taking this quick quiz

Click each question below to reveal the answer. If you get more than one question wrong, it’s time to get some guidance from Edmonton lawyer Jonathan Healey on estate planning law in Alberta.

  1. What happens if there are some provisions in your Will for your spouse, but you divorce that spouse prior to your death?
    A: The provisions become invalid.
  2. What is the difference between an Administrator and an Executor?
    A: An Administrator is the person appointed to administer the estate of a person who died without a Will; an Executor is the person who you select to administer your estate following your death.
  3. What new law was introduced in Alberta in 2012 to specify how and to whom property is transferred when a person dies?
    A: The The Wills and Succession Act, introduced in February 1, 2012.

What is probate?
Probate is the process used to transfer legal title of property from the estate of the deceased to the proper beneficiaries. It can take up to a year to complete the process and the legal costs can add up to 5% of the estate’s value.

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